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First time home buyer class

Are you thinking about becoming a first time home buyer? Are you tired of renting, paying someone else’s mortgage? Join us at one of our upcoming first time home buyer classes absolutely free and nothing is being sold!

First time home buyers

What you will learn at these classes is exactly what you need to know prior to buying a home. You will learn what it takes to get a mortgage and what you should expect to pay each month based on the price and location of your home.

At these classes there will be a mortgage professional to talk about loans and what happens from the moment you fill out the mortgage application until the day you payoff your mortgage. There will be an insurance agent to talk about what kind of coverage you will need and why prices are so different from company to company. Also, there will be a real estate agent who will talk about what you should expect from the time you start looking until the time you move in and what normal timelines are for this entire process and the costs associated with buying a home.

So, if you are interested in joining us for one of these great classes, just fill out the form below and we will send you information on when our next class will be and were. (We hope to see you there!)

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Raleigh Park and Swim Center

Raleigh Park and Swim Center is another great park is discovered by accident or should I say were lead there? Raleigh Park and Swim Center isn’t a park you are going to naturally run into though that is exactly what we did while out Geocaching with the family.

Dog enjoying ride in car thinking he is human

Now, as many of you who have been reading my blog for awhile, we have one of those dogs who thinks he is human and is ready to go on a car ride anytime he hears that door open. (Even gets his own leash and walks (prances) out to the car with it) That is one of the things great about this park is that it is VERY dog friendly. (We made lots of new friends)

Raleigh Park and Swim Center in Portland Oregon

Lots to do and lots to visit. The park is pretty big, so lots of places for dogs and humans alike to go and get that blood flowing. For the kids, not too much to complain about either! Tennis courts, playground equipment (THE POOL), horseshoe area. Also, while watching the kids, you can even have a BBQ.

Raleigh Park and Swim Center in Portland Oregon

So, go have some fun, maybe geocache, maybe swim. (Pool probably won’t open again for a month or two) But, check out the park with your kids or with man’s best friend and come back and tell me what you thought.

Raleigh Park and Swim Center in Portland Oregon
Raleigh Park and Swim Center in Portland Oregon
Raleigh Park and Swim Center in Portland Oregon

If you like the area enough, below is a list of available homes within the neighborhood of Raleigh Park and Swim Center.

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Pendleton Park in SW Portland

Pendleton Park in SW Portland is a great little park with one of my kids’ favorite things, the merry-go-round. Even my 16 year old daughter still loves those things even though they are getting taken out of parks more and more these days. (I’m actually thinking of buying one so my grand kids one day will get to experience the joy of those things)

Pendleton Park (SW Portland)

Now, there is also a baseball field and basketball court for those sports nuts. (That is why we were there, our team was talking on Lincoln. (Was a good game, but it just wasn’t our day) But, the boys still had a good time. Now, this park is located right next to Hayhurst Elementary school, which at the time of this post gets a 10 out of 10 from (Pretty impressive)

Pendleton Park (SW Portland)

Pendleton Park (SW Portland)

Now, what I liked about this park which you certainly don’t see very often is it had REAL bathrooms and not an port-a-potty. Something about a real bathroom with real running water that you can wash your hands with is nice! So, if you are looking for a great park or a great home near a great park, check out Pendleton Park. (Your kids will thank you)

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I’m thinking about buying a home, what questions should I ask?

First Time Home BuyerI’m thinking about buying a home, what questions should I ask? We want you to help make your first home purchase as easy as can be and to do that, there are things you should know.  The Friendly Home Team teach our clients at our first time homebuyer classes that you should get a free copy of your credit report. On average 50% of all credit reports have errors on them of one sort or another. (Most are small, but some can be huge and keep you from owning a home) This can do two things? One increase your interest rate or two keep you from getting the home of your dreams) Once you get your credit report, look it over very carefully and dispute any and all errors. This can take time to correct. Now that your credit is looking good, now would be a good time to call us for some suggestions on great mortgage brokers. (Or check out our website for suggestions) Interview a few of them and ask questions and get a good faith estimate. (Fees do vary greatly)

Now, when looking at homes, I suggest talking to your agent (As much as possible) about what you are looking for. Remember they can’t find what you are looking for and send you great listings if you don’t tell them. The Friendly Home Team uses a system that gets updates every 30 minutes from the MLS, not ever 24 hours like some. So, if you home comes on the market it, you will get to see it first! Also, stay away from sites like Zillow and Trulia, those sites show homes that aren’t actually for sale, just to get your information to sell. (We can’t count the number of calls we get from disappointed buyers when they find their dream home only to find out it sold 3 years ago or isn’t actually for sale at all)

Now, you are ready to buy a home! When the market is hot like it is now, when you get that email or text from our team that we found your new home, jump in the car and go view it, don’t wait or you may lose out to someone who got their first. I had a buyer the other day that decided to wait and there were 17 other offers by the time he decided he was ready to see it. Had he been there when we texted him the day before, he may have been the only offer.

So, call or email the Friendly Home Team today and we will help you get on the path to home ownership. (Or visit our First Time Homebuyer page and sign up for a class)


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Buying a government owned home can cost you as an investor!

Buying a government owned home can cost you as an investor! But, how could that be? They are selling for so cheap and I know I can repair and make a hefty profit on it in a short amount of time. But, what you don’t see is the fine print on that real estate contract and if you have an agent that hasn’t told you about the fine print, they could be costing you thousands in profits!


You see, those deals aren’t always the deals they look to be. One of the things the government tries to do is to sell to someone who wants to be an owner occupant first and if that doesn’t work, then the open it up to investors.

Now, depending on the type of investor you are, it could be potentially dangerous to your pocket book to buy one of these government owned / HUD homes. (Click on link to get your free list of Government owned / HUD homes for free) Why do you ask? Well, if you are buying one of these homes for the purpose of renting or doing a lease option, then these are perfectly alright to buy. But, if you are looking to flip, be very, very careful.

You see, the government doesn’t want you to make too much money? (Don’t ask me why, you think they would love the tax revenue) But, in their contracts it usually has something to the effect that you can’t sell said property for more than a certain amount of money in a certain amount of time. So, even if you put in $50,000 worth of upgrades, add extra bedrooms, you still may not be able to sell it for more than $20,000 than you bought it for. (See, how that could cost you???)

So, when buying Government owned / HUD homes for investment purposes, be very careful and read the fine print!! Call the Friendly Home Team today and we will connect you with our investment team who specialize in helping investors find the right properties for them and getting them started on the right foot to profits.

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How To Sell Your Home Quickly and For Top Dollar!

When you set your property available on the market your real estate adviser presumes you want to market your property at a price for that best amount of money after the sale. In case this specific not what you have in mind, you should explain to your real estate adviser in advance what you would like.

Dollar signs

Your house that sits available on the market for years it won’t do you as well as your real estate agent any good. The simplest way to promote your property easily would be to selling price that accurate in the first place! Lots of people think that you simply set the selling price of your property high and come down over time. This may not be a great technique to get your house sold at top dollar. (It may actually do more harm than good) You’ll find a couple of reasons why it is not best if you make use of this plan: Initial can be current customers are considerably more educated along with know what a great selling price can be all of which will just bypass your property all together and move to the one which can is priced correctly. The other thing that can work against you is that being a house sits available on the market for months people start to assume something is wrong with it. Properties which are costly in the first place finish tend to sell for 10% less than this residences that have been priced correctly from your when they went available on the market. (Information from this National Affiliation of Realtors.)

The other issue which could preserve a homes selling price is controlling overall appeal. Curb appeal and overall appeal doesn’t have to be complicated. It could be just getting a couple of blossoms in the entry to help spruce up what sort of house looks. Yet it can be a lot larger of the issue, like a neighbor that has a yard you are embarrassed by each and every time your home is shown. The messy neighbor could be a more complex issue to resolve, but it also may not be. If you seek the services of a landscaper for you and your the next door neighbors yard, at the cost, it is going to simply cost you a couple 100 and I’m sure your neighbor wouldn’t mind free landscaping. (I know I wouldn’t pass it up) Just let your neighbor know that you are trying to sell your property and as an added bonus, they get their yard in tip top shape for free!

Don’t forget, a home which a buyer is very excited about before they even enter through the doorway can be just one they are more inclined to love and buy without even seeing the inside. Don’t forget once you discovered your home? Anyone remembered what the outside appeared to like? Yep! and you would not have a hard time explaining it to your best friend, but when they asked about the house you couldn’t even remember if there was a walk-in closet or not. The overall curb appeal can be what carries a home to closing; it truly is seldom what is on the inside that hooks a buyer’s interest. So, grab a can of paint, some fresh flowers and a pressure washer and make that home shine on the outside! (Still the inside needs to be nice, but it isn’t what grabs the buyers first)

For more info on how to market your property and get it sold more quickly, call the Friendly Home Team today or click here to find out your homes value

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Make you investment property work for you, not “More work for you”

Have you ever heard the saying the only way to make money in real estate is to buy low and sell high? Well, I have to say that is completely true, but did you know there is more than one way to sell your property and possibly even make more money?

House vs Profit- Photo courtesy of

Well, my investors work with me because I find them the deals! The ones that aren’t listed on the MLS and are priced 20-30% below retail (I’ve seen many $100,000 below the zestimate) But, then they either do a few fix ups and flip it immediately if they see another deal coming up quickly or they do a lease-option on the property.

What does a lease option do for you as an investor? First it gives you a down payment to use on your next property and it gives you monthly income that you can use. Second, it helps you make even more on the property by marking up the cost. A person who needs to do a lease option knows they are going to have to pay more than if they used a traditional mortgage or cash.

But, think about it… If you got a $5000 option payment before they even moved in, more than market rent ever month and they decide they can’t do it or don’t qualify at the end of the lease, you get to keep all that money and do it all over again. $10,000 profit and the chance to sell it again at possibly an even higher price, sounds pretty good to me.

If you are interested in learning more about lease options, come join us at one of our Empowered Investor club meetings. Click here to sign up for The Empowered Investor monthly newsletter.



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Don’t walk, run from that “Real Estate Deal”

Too many new real estate investors buy investment properties for emotional reasons. (They grew up in the area, they like how the house looks or the feel of the property) Emotions are not a reason to buy an investment property. The only thing that should matter in an investment property are the numbers! If the numbers don’t work, move on to the next property!

Real Esate Profits - Photo courtesy of

Why don’t we start with a simpler thing since everyone has access to the MLS through every agents website. Lots of people are already attracted right into a awful package, basing their own foreseeable future gains about the wonderful words and phrases “potential rental prices are… ” Info associated with hire portions in addition to costs provided from your itemizing are frequently wrong and therefore quite misleading. It’s not at all soon you notice current rents featuring proper portions, phrase length and the circumstances in the rents are you able to understand fully your wages situation. It is usually imperative to comprehend the total level of your respective costs by requesting to determine all bills, latest estimated costs, property taxation’s, insurance coverage in addition to any companies for example landscaping design or perhaps ideal elimination.

A great team will have access to deals (Wholesale Properties) that aren’t listed on the MLS and are usually priced 20-30% below market value. These properties are foreclosures, auctions and short sales that are available at deep discounts because they aren’t on the MLS. These types of deals mean more money in your pocket in the end. Talk to your agent and if they don’t have a list of these types of homes, you may want to find an agent who deals in wholesale properties on a regular basis.

If you are in the market for wholesale properties in Oregon or SW Washington, don’t hesitate to call or email us and we will get you a weekly updated list of wholesale properties that aren’t available on the MLS.

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Investing doesn’t have to be a solo venture!

So many new investors think it is them against the world, but there is a better option. Find someone you TRUST! Investing in real estate doesn’t have to be a sold venture and it shouldn’t be. A great agent will show you the numbers and why it will work or it won’t. They aren’t just looking for a sale. The good ones know that a great deal will mean future deals and not just a paycheck.

Handshake Photo courtesy of

Consider this when looking for an investment property. An agent looking for a paycheck will always be talking to you like you have to buy this without any reason for you to buy it. A great agent will tell you that it is a good or great deal by showing you the numbers to back it up.

Remember if your agent acting like a partner in this, then it maybe time to find a new agent. There are many agents out there living commission to commission, but the good ones aren’t afraid to let you let a home go if they don’t think it is a good deal for you.

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ID-10016222 (Painting House) by

HOAs – What do I need to know about HOAs in Oregon and SW Washington?

What are HOAs? The initials HOA stand for Home Owners Association. One example of a home owners association is if you buy a new home you think you should paint ans say to yourself “Wow, this home would look good light yellow.” If the HOA in that neighborhood doesn’t like yellow, you may not have the right to paint your house any color of you choice.

ID-10016222 (Painting House) by

You should investigate the HOA rules are prior to you buying any home. If the HOA can decide where you can park, what color of your homr, if you can put a deck on your home and possibly even the kind of animals you can have. So few people look into a HOA prior to purchasing their home. This is like purchasing a vehicle and checking out the fine print in the contract after you have put it in your garage. You can’t turn back time and change your mind about living there!

Now, you are thinking of selling your new home and you are the one stuck with a strict HOA or an HOA with really high fees, it can actually lower the value of your home. If two houses are gor sale and are similar in every way and one has an HOA due of $150 a month and the other home doesn’t have an HOA at all, the one with no HOA will sell faster and for more money, just for the freedom of to do with what you want with your property. So the saying “buyer beware” can and does apply when it comes to looking for homes that may have an HOA. For more information on Home Owners Associations please feel free to e-mail me or call us anytime.

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