Pendleton Park in SW Portland

Pendleton Park in SW Portland is a great little park with one of my kids’ favorite things, the merry-go-round. Even my 16 year old daughter still loves those things even though they are getting taken out of parks more and more these days. (I’m actually thinking of buying one so my grand kids one day will get to experience the joy of those things)

Pendleton Park (SW Portland)

Now, there is also a baseball field and basketball court for those sports nuts. (That is why we were there, our team was talking on Lincoln. (Was a good game, but it just wasn’t our day) But, the boys still had a good time. Now, this park is located right next to Hayhurst Elementary school, which at the time of this post gets a 10 out of 10 from (Pretty impressive)

Pendleton Park (SW Portland)

Pendleton Park (SW Portland)

Now, what I liked about this park which you certainly don’t see very often is it had REAL bathrooms and not an port-a-potty. Something about a real bathroom with real running water that you can wash your hands with is nice! So, if you are looking for a great park or a great home near a great park, check out Pendleton Park. (Your kids will thank you)

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