Are you a clueless investor?

I look at about 75-80 properties a week that wannabe investors send me by email or call me about. Most of these properties they found on Zillow and can tell right away that they have a steal based on the Zestimate, but what is the real story….

Well, the real story is Zestimate only looks at square footage and sales price, it doesn’t know the real value of the property. Heck, if it was such a good deal, do you think it would be for sale on Zillow? The answer is NO!

The homes you find on Zillow are homes that are for the retail market, not wholesale properties that the great snap up the day they come on the market. If you want to see real deals, contact me and I’ll send you a list of homes that are truly wholesale, what needs to be done to them and the REAL estimated value of what you can sell them for when you are done.

Email me today if you don’t want to be a clueless investor and want to be an Empowered Investor. Also, ask to be put on our Empowered Investor Newsletter list and get tips and tricks to get the most from your investment properties.


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