I’m thinking about buying a home, what questions should I ask?

First Time Home BuyerI’m thinking about buying a home, what questions should I ask? We want you to help make your first home purchase as easy as can be and to do that, there are things you should know.  The Friendly Home Team teach our clients at our first time homebuyer classes that you should get a free copy of your credit report. On average 50% of all credit reports have errors on them of one sort or another. (Most are small, but some can be huge and keep you from owning a home) This can do two things? One increase your interest rate or two keep you from getting the home of your dreams) Once you get your credit report, look it over very carefully and dispute any and all errors. This can take time to correct. Now that your credit is looking good, now would be a good time to call us for some suggestions on great mortgage brokers. (Or check out our website for suggestions) Interview a few of them and ask questions and get a good faith estimate. (Fees do vary greatly)

Now, when looking at homes, I suggest talking to your agent (As much as possible) about what you are looking for. Remember they can’t find what you are looking for and send you great listings if you don’t tell them. The Friendly Home Team uses a system that gets updates every 30 minutes from the MLS, not ever 24 hours like some. So, if you home comes on the market it, you will get to see it first! Also, stay away from sites like Zillow and Trulia, those sites show homes that aren’t actually for sale, just to get your information to sell. (We can’t count the number of calls we get from disappointed buyers when they find their dream home only to find out it sold 3 years ago or isn’t actually for sale at all)

Now, you are ready to buy a home! When the market is hot like it is now, when you get that email or text from our team that we found your new home, jump in the car and go view it, don’t wait or you may lose out to someone who got their first. I had a buyer the other day that decided to wait and there were 17 other offers by the time he decided he was ready to see it. Had he been there when we texted him the day before, he may have been the only offer.

So, call or email the Friendly Home Team today and we will help you get on the path to home ownership. (Or visit our First Time Homebuyer page and sign up for a class)


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